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Mershon family

I’ve held off on this blog post for awhile…actually I’ve started it three different times and cannot quite get the words right.  I wanted to make sure the point of this post was not about sharing some fantastic photos but more about what a family portrait can mean to a family.

A year ago in October, I had a family portrait session with the Mershon family.  This family was by far one of my favorites.  The boys were a hoot and little miss Allison was an absolute doll.  The day of the session there was a band parade going down the road where we had planned to shoot in Quincy, Illinois.  The wind was completely crazy and the sun was blarring straight overhead during this session.  Location changes were not an option as dad was working and coming by for a quick session.  Oh, and did I mention that the two main roads getting to the place were closed due to the parade.  As a photographer I kept thinking to myself how in the world am I going to pull this off.   I was thinking about the wind blowing the hair all over, the expressions the kids would have while watching the bands pass, and how the light was going to be beaming down overhead.  I thought about all of those components that my photographer friends would judge me for if I didn’t get it just right.

As the session started, all of those worries went away and I just started creating.  I stopped worrying about the sun, the bands and the cars and I started worrying about getting an image this family would love.  At the time, I was just thinking please let me get something that they will cherish forever, it’s what I think about at every family session.  I had NO idea that those images I took a year ago would mean so much to this family.  Murray, the dad passed away suddenly in early 2011, just a few short months after these images were taken. In a message, mom sent to me she said…

       “who would have ever guessed just how special those pics would become to us……I have them everywhere and on everything”

The images from this session in 2010 were amazing because they are memories, moments that cannot be recreated… special keepsakes for this family.  The Mershon family used one of the images from our session on the gravestone.  I cannot even begin to tell you the emotions that come over me everytime I see this image. The image on the left is a snapshot of the gravestone (we do not get credit for this awesome shot) and the image on the right is the original famiy image.

This October, Monica contacted me for family portraits.  I could not wait for the Mershon family to get here!  I knew going into the session, that it was going to be a hard session for mom.  During our conversations she was not so sure she wanted to be in the portraits with the children.  I convienced her to come dressed just in case.  Man,  am I glad she did! After the session, mom sent this message….

“I know I say this everytime but this is why we came down to you……these are awesome!!!!!!  Love them and can’t even come close to deciding……Thank you for taking a difficult moment for me and making it easy!!!!!”


I LOVE seeing these kids who have the most contagious laugh, and I absolutely LOVE seeing mom (Monica), who is one of the strongest most beautiful mommies I know!